Remembering Homeland – Day 1676

By 24 October, 2019Uncategorized

The main purpose of this section is to focus on films that look back on homeland, as well as films by international directors that connect with India, either in theme, locale, or by featuring the country’s film talent.

Sun is directed by Jonathan Desoindre and Ella Kowalska, both graduates from Sorbonne, Paris, the directorial pair has been collaborating for over a decade and follow the eponymous Mr Sun/ French actor Tewfik Jallab, a delivery boy in his 30s, who lives a frantic yet unrestrained life in modern Paris. This precarious but pleasant balance is jeopardized when his Indian cousin, Ash, suddenly arrives in Paris to fulfill his dream of playing the sitar at the Olympia.

Sun is the tumultuous journey of the two brothers as they navigate daily struggles. Ash is played by Indian stand-up comedian, singer, and actor Aadar Malik.