Performing at the Temple (Day 1512)

By 21 January, 2019Uncategorized

When something wonderful has to happen it happens without signal or warning.  More than five months ago my dance guru Madhuparna Kumar and I had visited the Srinathji Haveli in Juhu proposing a tribute to Lord Krishna for Janmashtami.


For some reasons, it did not happen. Then out of the blue, a new person, Bakulesh bhai probably going through our application, saw a potential and contacted us. This time the processes and the formalities were so simple and without any glitches.


One meeting discussing the date/ time/ items and we parted peacefully to meet only on the day of the performance. There is an aura about the temple and as the dancers strolled in one by one, all in their glittering costumes and hair, it was as if Lord Krishna was himself beckoning us to come and entertain him


To be continued…