Navratri Day 3-4 (Day 1185)

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In the state of Gujarat the devotees celebrate the Goddess with  garbas  because they believe that the Goddess likes to be entertained. Down South they observe what is called Gollu where they prepare nine steps to heaven and worship the deities Day three is called Teej and is associated with Goddess Chandra Ghanta who gets her name  from the image inscribed on her forehead of  a half moon. Devi Chandra Ghanta has ten arms and three eyes. She is also known by the name of Sherawali the Goddess who rides a tiger and vanquished the demons in times of war. The Teej puja associated with Devi Chandra Ghanta is called Gauri Puja.

devi greyDay four is called Chauth and is associated with Devi Kushmunda whose name signifies literally a ray of light. It is believed that the universe was a dark gloomy place till Devi Kushmunda filled it up with her light. The Chauth puja is also regarded by the worshippers as Durga Saran puja.