Memories of Sai and Shabana Day 1751

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Were you disappointed that they killed you halfway through the fi
No, my exit was very clearly stated in the script and the film is fair to the script. A lot of
people felt that the film ended for them when I die in the hospital but I disagree because
eventually. Saaz is the story of Bansi and her traumas.
How was your interaction with Shabana Azmi and director Sai Paranjpye?
Shabana Azmi is an old friend. We have done many films together in the past. She starred
in my home production Anokha Bandhan. Our careers had traveled different destinations
but the warmth remained consistent. I didn’t know Sai at all and did the film because I
was curious about parallel cinema but I was not very comfortable. I have been around for
a long time, started my career as a chorus dancer then solo dancer, then supporting and
second lead roles and finally played a heroine as well. Over the decades we adjusted to
the multi-starrers then the Gujarati films but the art and parallel cinema is a different
culture altogether. For a long time now, I have been associated with television and now
waiting to explore the web series which are more realistic and addictive I am told.