Labour Day (Day 1083)

By 1 May, 2017Event, Films

There is excitement in the office because we are celebrating both Labour and Maharashtra Day. The office is done up in marigold flowers team has invited Nagraj Manjule, director of Sairrat to be felicitated as the Icon of Maharashtra. When he enters the studio, the band goes hysterical and starts playing the celebratory music. Manjule is both embarrassed and flattered. He shares that despite all the accolades the film has been receiving he wonders if the credit is for him or somebody else. “Life in Sholapur was simple but there was no dearth of adventure.  We friends would get together and play films – that is enact hits of Amitabh Bachchan stories and dialogues. At that time I did not know that my passion will lead me to the film studios one day. My friends tell me I was forever recounting stories, sometimes retelling films I had watched, sometimes, my own stories but they loved to hear me and sat in rapt attention. I thank them all, they were my first audience and I hope they will be with me even after Sairrat.”

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