Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession (Day 1329)

By 14 May, 2018Books

My new book Keshava : A Magnificent Obsession are folklores associated with the legend of Lord Krishna, in fact it is about all those who Krishna loved and imbibed life into, the eight wonders of nature.

In the coming weeks, I will be introducing you to all those eight characters and why they feel their relationship is most precious with the deity but first I have to tell you what Lord Krishna thinks about all of them.

Krishna says:

I am the knowledge…I am the awareness…I am the conflict in times of despair.

I am the shape in the alphabet spread out in the scriptures.

In grammar, I am the adjective, the proposition, the noun, and the adverb.

In tense, I am the past, the present, as well as the future.

In the cycle of Karma, I am the provider and also the receiver.

In times of injustice, I am the oppressor so that those without values learn righteousness.

I am greed, I am ambition, and I am also success.

I am silence that preserves secrets and also knowledge that spreads awareness.

To be continued

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