Junoon for Mumbai Local – Day 944

By 26 October, 2016Uncategorized

Atul Pethe

When most of us go to watch a play, it is to unwind, be entertained, get transported into a different world. Theater on the stage often lives up to that promise.But, what happens when theater leaves the stage and travels to the villages? Is it a response to a changing social scenario? What if a theater group comprises of kisaans, mazdoors and activists instead of the regular theatrewallahs? Could theater be a way to give a voice to the voiceless?

Junoon invites Atul Pethe – a highly-acclaimed and celebrated personality in Marathi theater acclaimed actor, writer and director on Mumbai Local.Well-known for his plays like Ghashiram KotwalPralayAtirekiSaptne karache Mool, and Padgham, he is respected as a director of path breaking plays like Shityuddha SadanandWaiting for GodotSoorya Pahilela Manoos and Ashadhatil Ek Diwas.

For Atul, his life in theater is quite clearly segregated into two distinct phases. In the second phase Atul took theatre on-ground, into villages, addressing their issues and connecting with socio-political, he set forth to see what a theater person could do in these radically changing times.
Interestingly, Atul has no theater group of his own. And yet, he has single-handedly created a parallel theater practice in Maharashtra. His theater is run by the common people -people who want to express, who want to be heard. Such vibrant, evocative theater is always a treasure trove of stories. So in the forthcoming Mumbai Local session, Atul Pethe will share how he responds to change and why theater impacts our lives.



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