Iconic Films iii – Day 1724

By 8 January, 2020Films

2000/Chandni Bar: Chandni Bar marked the arrival of the bar girl in films. A stomach churning script based on interviews with real life bar girls. Tabu played the small town girl cheated into becoming a bar dancer and the journey her life takes henceforth.. Hard hitting and shot in real locations, the film became a signature for director Madhur Bhandarkar to take up social causes in his future films like Page 3, Traffic Signal and Fashion.

2015/ Drishyam:  Ajay Devgan Tabu film told the story of what a man can do to save his family. A remake of Malyalam film the film raised a moral issue if it was alright to lie and strategise in case of an emergency and Ajay Devgan professed that he will do anything to help his family under the circumstances. As a critic I did not agree with the message but the audience did which is why it proved a super hit.