I am tall and luscious (Day 1347)

By 5 June, 2018Books

The orchard and the forest blossomed every time they walked the path hand in hand and when they dispersed, my leaves wilted and withered away.

I grow fast and transform colour according to seasons.

Sometimes I feel I am symbolic of Radha Rani’s volatile moods. I reflect her fire and her passion. She blushes pink when Kaanha is beside her, when he touches her and turns green with envy when he shifts attention to the gopikas.  She is red-eyed when furious and ash-faced when it came to parting with her beloved…

They spend long, silent hours seated beneath my foliage resembling a canopy. I have guarded them from atop and my long branches coiled together have gently rocked them to sleep.

Moments of utter bliss…

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To be continued