Happy Birthday Hrithik – Day 2107

By 10 January, 2022Uncategorized

Today, Hrithik Rosha turns 48 and completes 22 years of his career. He once told me that every year on his birthday, he makes it a point to amend a drifted or broken relationship. “It is difficult but I make an effort and I feel nice about it. After he told me this, I started following him and trust me it felt very good. There is something special about Hrithik and it is that something special that connects us to his screen persona and love him in all his films. His family knew that Hrithik would grow up and become an actor, but they were not prepared for his phenomenal success.

For those who don’t know the complete journey it all began with a photo-shoot. Hrithik shot with an ace cameraman and when it was time to pay the bill, father Rakesh Roshan wanted to see what he was paying for and what he saw floored him! The following morning, at the story session at Film Kraft office, Rakesh Roshan said he was introducing a newcomer for his next film. His team was surprised. ‘My son Hrithik will be the hero of my new film’. Hrithik was part of the meeting and left the room. His father followed him, ‘What happened, aren’t you ready son?” Hrithik hugged his dad and assured he was. The rest, as we all know, is history.

To be continued