Festival Diary 3 (Day 1232)

By 29 November, 2017Uncategorized

Goa, Kalamandir

The opening film this year is Majid Majidi’s Beyond the Clouds it is a film made in India with Indian producer, cast and technicians.  There is a standing ovation and as filmmakers wait to find their cars there are discussions about the film.

There is a Chief Ministers dinner post the screening but most of us are not in a mood and decide to party on our own. Goa has that effect on people where strangers become friends and all conflicts are resolved over Fenny and fish.

Iffi 3.b. wed

The night is young and all conversations during dinner is restricted to the cinema, e everyone at the table feels passionate about the medium and the mood is contagious.

Post dinner we walk back to the hotel and it is beautiful to watch the street decorated with fairy lights all over. There are art installations, massive posters and a mood of gaiety all around.

Granted that Goa is a tourist destination but in the month of November Goa comes alive with festival fever and all of us feel soaked in the excitement.