Devotees settle down Day 1513

By 22 January, 2019Uncategorized

There is energy about the temple that is unmistakable and this energy is stimulated by the excitement of the devotees, who come day after day for the darshan of their Lord. Some come twice a day and some have devoted their life to a service of the Lord so they spend most of their waking time in service of their Thakorji.


They are always in time before the curtain is lifted and then charge inside to catch a glimpse. The Lord changes his costumes more than five times a day and the devotees keep a track of the details. Srinathji sringar is a mastered skill, Srinathji mala, his flower decoration, unique art that adds to the ambiance.


Today, as Madhuparna Dance & Research Academy students gather in this sacred place for an unconventional performance the excitement is palpable.


The devotees have settled down and the music started, it is now time to present the navarasas


To be continued…