Dancers Ensemble (Day 1521)

By 4 February, 2019Uncategorized

I had heard that Vallabh Haveli on 10th Road Juhu hosted a variety of performances for Janmashtami as part of Krishnotsav Festival and had applied on behalf of my guru Madhuparna Research & Dance Academy.  Nothing happened that time but then out of the blue our request came through and our performance date was confirmed not on the second-floor auditorium but inside the temple in front of Srinathji.

As the day drew closer so did our excitement. Guru Madhuparna believes in arriving at the venue fully dressed and that is how she has trained her students. All of them arrive at the venue half hour in advance and assemble at the backside of the temple. The regulars at the temple are curious about the dancers and stare at us while walking up and down but the dancers are all in their own world. Some re-remembering their steps, some are pacing up and down anxiously and some sit quietly for the show to begin.

To be continued…