Chaudvin Ka Chand (Day 1268)

By 3 February, 2018Uncategorized

Today the graceful Waheeda Rehman of the Black and White and color movies turns 80. In an interview to me she said her generation of artists was not exposed to advanced technology and only relied on their instincts. “We worked at a slower pace and prided in our spontaneity.  “In those days it was unthinkable for a director to start a new scene on the same day. It was always a new mood and a new scene on the following day. Today so many disconnected scenes are shot on the same day and competently so. The post-production happens simultaneously at different places in different stages but this hasn’t diffused the magic of cinema which is wonderful. I feel we are making great films today and have terrific actors and technicians. I feel proud to be a part of Indian cinema that has completed more than 100 years and it is indeed a privilege to be born as an artist and lived such an enriching life.”

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