Change is Positive (Day 1108)

By 6 June, 2017Event

On day two Farhat had new topics for discussion and all of us were comparatively more candid in our reactions. She spoke about change and wanted us to share how we reacted to change in our personal and professional surroundings.

She explained that most people resist change because we fear the unknown and dislike unpredictability. Change is also associated with and the fear of failing in new surroundings, but if we are conscious about this we will be able to rise above our fears and accept change positively. The world is not a perfect place so we must not have perfect expectations. We must be conscious and train ourselves to ‘respond’ not to ‘react’ to everything around us and there is a difference between the two.

To have the remote control in hand is not to control other people but self, our thoughts, our feelings and our responses. It is all about changing the mindset. We must build a bridge between the feeling of something ‘new’ associated with a feeling of being unsettled/rattled and when we accomplish that we will experience The Leap of Faith. It is important to experience not just imagine the change, to embrace it rather than forever dwell on the thought…

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