Brainstorming Ideas (Day 1025)

By 7 February, 2017Books, Event

The creative meeting for any event is the most interesting because everyone contributes and it is the collective discussion that makes the event special. So there was the publisher Penguin team, the PR Raindrop Media team, the venue The Club team, the social media – Khyati Gandhi and the creative – Alpa Mehta holding it all together.

07.02.2017. setting eveEveryone sat with their notebooks jotting points and underlining what they had to accomplish and came the DDay and nothing was out of place. At 5pm when the sun had to still come down the singers Parthiv and Manasi Gohil had reached the venue for a rehearsal and the team sent me a picture of how the set looked. It was promising and I knew the effect would be spectacular when the garden festooned with trees sparkled with fairy lights.

The ambiance prepares you for the evening and we were lucky because there was a nip in the air or should we say there was magic in the surrounding as soon as Bachchan walked into the garden.

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