Bollywood is fun (Day 1228)

By 23 November, 2017Uncategorized

The purists are always looking down on the Bollywood numbers but not Madhuparna Kumar who believes there is a lot of talent in the film world and their numbers should not be isolated. Kumar believes that it is important to incorporate Bollywood music to introduce young artistes to the dance world because it is only after identifying with cinema that young children are inspired to learn dance which is why MadhuParna Kumar is probably the only classical trainer who excels in training other dance forms as well.

23.11.17 ii aKumar runs alternate classes teaching Bharatnatyam and Bollywood and though there are many teachers in the vicinity, she happens to be the address children want to visit.  The third section is a tribute to Bollywood hits and young and older students perform to a medley of vintage and new film numbers.

23.11.17 ii b

As time goes by the green room gets more crowded, there are so many artistes, so many bags and so many costume changes. The wall to wall mirror is simultaneously used by a dozen people and everyone is helping everyone to undress and change into another costume.