Bol Bachchan Part 2 (Day 1031)

By 15 February, 2017Books, Event

Bachchan said there is no favorite decade for him because every decade has made significant contribution in terms of content and artistes and to specify one would be unfair to the filmmakers. He said he was fortunate to be given a break in cinema, fortunate to be signed by good writers and directors and fortunate to be appreciated by the audience.  He said, “Somebody wrote things for me, somebody asked me to wear something, somebody asked me to walk somewhere and I just followed like a robot.  He recalled Hrishikesh Mukherjee who would never allow him retakes and when the actor insisted Hrishida said ‘Yes, provided you pay for the footage’. About Manmohan Desai Bachchan said there was a madness about him that was illogical but touched the audience’s heart which is why all MKD films were super hits.”

15.02.17. signing 1He said during his time, there would be just two women on the film set, the heroine and her mother. “But now, 50 percent of the work force on a film set is female. I think that is a huge change. When young girls handle the film set whether it is production, camera, continuity department as an actor I feel secure because women are more efficient than men and I know that as an actor I don’t have to worry about continuity”.

Bachchan elaborated on his recent film Pikku and described it as a relationship between a father and a daughter. About Pink he said the film has a strong identification with daughters in the world particularly in India.  “It’s a burning issue and needed to be addressed in the most powerful way and filmmakers did that. II am fortunate to be a part of the project. The film has an important message that ‘No means No’ and the audience has understood that.  Pink is no more a film it has because of the public reaction become a movement.”

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