I am Lamarckia

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In the coming years, the scientists discovered that my leaves are edible for cattle. I did not tell them that Kaanha’s wish-fulfilling cow Kamadhenu had all along fed on my leaves and slept peacefully while his master played the flute.


In present times my utility is manifold. I am exploited for timber and paper, for plywood, for light construction, for pulp, for boxes and crates, for dug-out canoes, and for furniture components. I am also used to create perfume and my leaves serve as a mouth wash.


My bark is bitter so purposeful in inflammatory diseases, a decoction of my leaves cures ulcers. My fruits cure gastric irritability and fever.


Many preserve my fallen leaves as a book mark and some use them for decomposition. I improve the physical and chemical properties of soil under its canopy.


I am Kadamba.


I preserve secrets and also nature.


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Next week I introduce to a new character of the book


I am Katambu

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I am Karam.

I am mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana.

While every tree associated with Lord Krishna is precious and documented as some art form, I am fortunate that poets like Jaydeva’s Geet Govinda have dedicated verses to me. I am fortunate that many performing artistess have paid tributes in immortal images to me.

In North India, I am synonymous with Lord Krishna, some address me as my Lord’s sakha, while others describe me as his avatar.

Down South I am referred to as the Parvati’s tree and in some regions as Rohini’s tree. While the Radha-Krishna romance beneath Kadamba is legendary, it is believed that in the Sangam period of Tamil NaduMurugan of Tirupparankundram Hill of Madurai was referred to as a centre of nature worship because Murugan in the form of a spear is placed under me, a Kadamba tree.

So many stories, so many interpretations…

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To be continued


I am tall and luscious

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The orchard and the forest blossomed every time they walked the path hand in hand and when they dispersed, my leaves wilted and withered away.

I grow fast and transform colour according to seasons.

Sometimes I feel I am symbolic of Radha Rani’s volatile moods. I reflect her fire and her passion. She blushes pink when Kaanha is beside her, when he touches her and turns green with envy when he shifts attention to the gopikas.  She is red-eyed when furious and ash-faced when it came to parting with her beloved…

They spend long, silent hours seated beneath my foliage resembling a canopy. I have guarded them from atop and my long branches coiled together have gently rocked them to sleep.

Moments of utter bliss…

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To be continued


I am Kadamba

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I grow in many continents but in India I am predominantly associated with Vrindavan, the land of Radha Rani and Lord Krishna, who was then just Kaanha of Gokul.

I am Lord Krishna and Radha Rani’s confidante…

It was beneath my shade and the veil of my orange leaves that love blossomed between the two and turned legendary.

The world knows about their undying love but I know so much more which I will never share.

Not surprising then that I am described as precious and ornamental. My beautiful ochre leaves and my scented flowers have manifold stories to tell. Stories of romance, stories of intrigue…

The seers say that Lord Krishna chose me as his rendezvous because of my purity and aesthetics. I believe that it was the presence of Radha Rani and my Lord around me that spreads fragrance. My bark shone and my leaves spread each time they touched me.

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To be continued



Movie Review: Veere Di Wedding

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Release: 01.06.2018

Director: Shashanka Ghosh

Writer: Nidhi Mehra, Mehul Suri

Cast: Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker, Shikha Talsania, Sumeet Vyas


Sometimes, an idea is more interesting than the execution. Sometimes, the making of a film is more enjoyable than the film.

Cinema is a tricky media because what’s intended is not always successfully projected and which is probably happened in the case of Veere Di Wedding.

Telling the story of four school fiends Kalindi/ Kareena Kapoor Khan, Avni/ Sonam Kapoor, Sakshi/ Swara Bhasker and Meera/ Shikha Talsania who find their paths and live in different cities but stay connected via skype and phone.

10 years pass by…Two are married, one is a successful lawyer and the fourth, Kalindi after much trepidation has agreed to say I do to her live in boyfriend. Kalindi’s wedding is a reunion for all the friends and predictably much unfolds at the event.

The minus of the film is the lack of detailing, so we have four interesting characters but without real situations, conflicts or misgivings and female bonding is all about clinking champagne glasses, holidaying on beaches and sex but unfortunately, sex scenes don’t make a film narrative.

The plus is the refreshing casting, the chemistry between the co-actors, exotic locations, super styling, some outrageous dialogues and the effort to redefine woman-centric cinema.

Among the performances, Neena Gupta as Sonam Kapoor’s mother and Sumeet Vyas as Kareena Kapoor’s partner effective. This is not a film about individual histrionics but when the four friends come together on screen, they sizzle!

If you are looking for great locations, star presence maybe this chick flick is for you and so what if the trailers don’t live up to expectations.

I rate Veere Di Wedding with 2 stars.


Movie Review: Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

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Release: 01.06.2018

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Writer: Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap, Abhay Koranne

Cast: Harshvardhan Kapoor, Nishikanth Kamat


Bhavesh Joshi Superhero is a fight against corruption exposed via new media and so what if the hero covers his face with a paper bag as long as he targets all the wrongs in city like breaking signals or cutting trees.

It is also a tale of three friends Bhavesh/ Priyanshi Painyuli, Sikander/ Harshvardhan Kapoor and Rajat/ Ashish Verma who come together because they want to change the city but with time, while Rajat and Sikandar move on only Bhavesh remains committed to the cause.

What works about the film is the shot taking, action and splendid cinematography capturing Mumbai city in the dark lanes. The chase sequence involving motorcycles driving over bridges and rail tracks right inside the train compartments is the highlight of the film.

What doesn’t work about the film is the pace and the length 153 minutes, post interval the film drags with long, repetitive sequences.

The characters are far too exaggerated. The superhero can fuse electric connections, hack computers and even create motorbikes.

In the climax, his friend pulls him out of the water, drives him to the hospital and back home without police case or obstacles.

Here was a subject that had all the potential of becoming a cult film instead three prominent writers transform into a story of personal vendetta. A tragedy!

Among performances, mention must be made of Priyanshi who portrays Bhavesh Joshi with passion.

Harshwardhan Kapoor who debuted in the romantic Mirziya in 2016 proves that he can shine as an action hero as well.

I rate Bhavesh Joshi Superhero with 2.5 stars