Ki & Ka is revolutinary

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Eros International produced/ R Balki likhi/directed Ki & Ka khoobsurat Kiya yaane Kareena Kapoor aur dilchasp Kabir yaane Arjun Kapoor ki kahani hain.

Kiya corporate duniya ki marketing head hai aur Kabir karodpati baap ka MBA beta… 

Dono safar ke dauran milte hain, dosti badhti hai, phir pyaar aur shaadi!

Ab Kiya har subah kaam par jaati hai aur Kabir ghar samabhaalta hai aur ye dono ki marzi se hota hain!

Film ka plus: Cinematography, art design khaas taupar unke ke ghar par bhaagti  rel gaadi.

Film ka bada plus: Refreshing kahani, bahtareen dialogues, detailed charecterizations.

Film ka minu: Plot restricted hai jiski wajah se film ka messege bhi repetitive hai.

Balki ki sabhi filme rishton ke baare mein hai aur niyam todne ke baare mein bhi!!

Cheeni Kum ne ummar ka niyam toda, Paa ne zimmedariyon ka aurShamaitabh ne srishti ka niyam toda! Ki & Ka gender par sawal uthati hai.

Ye sirf Streeling/Pulling ka vivaad nahi hain, na hi ye unke choices ke baare mein hain, balke ussse bhi aage, humari soch ke baare mein hai!

Balki Hindi cinema ki sadiyon purani chaviyon ko todte hain jiska praman hai Maa ki bhumika mein Swaroop Sampat aur pati ki bhumika mein Arjun Kapoor.

Jaya aur Amitabh Bachchan thodi der ke liye aate hain aur kahanni mein sugandh bhar dete hain!

Kareena Kapoor film ki jaan aur jadoo hai…

Ki aur Ka sab ko dekhni chahiye- ye humari kahani hain, humare badalte samaj aur desh ki kahani hain!

Ki & Ka ko Big Entertainment Ratings milte hain 3.5 stars.


8 avtaar of Sonu Nigam

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What is special about Sonu Nigam is that he is forever reinventing himself both on stage and in

playback for films. He has proved his mettle as a singer time and again and after all these years enjoys a special position with his fans. What he has accomplished for his forthcoming film Santa Banta Pvt Ltd is beyond anybody’s imagination.

He has sung the popular song ‘Tooti…’ in eight different voices. The innovation in a way was Sonu’s idea and the result is so terrific that whoever has heard the recording cannot stop raving about it.
Directed by Akashdeep Sabir, the film is produced by Viacom18 Media Private Limited and Cinetek Telefilms Private Limited.


Santa Banta Pvt Ltd is set to release on April 22, 2016.

The Jungle Book gets bigger and better

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 The Hindi version of The Jungle Book has just got bigger! In a series of unstoppable coups, Disney India has collaborated with none other than Vishal Dadlani – the talented rockstar and famed Hindi Film singer and composer for the Hindi rendition of the iconic “Bare Necessities” in Jon Favreau’s all-new live action epic adventure, The Jungle Book.
‘The Bare Necessities’ featured Mowgli and Baloo the friendly bear in Disney’s 1967 animated movie, The Jungle Book. It is written by Terry Gilkinson and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1967. The song wasn’t just a happy melody but a wonderful mantra for life, which makes it a hit.


“I had mixed emotions when Disney approached me to sing Baloo’s The Bare Necessities for their upcoming Hindi version of The Jungle Book. It’s a privilege that I can be part of such a timeless song, but the original has been so hugely popular and hummable that matching that standard seems like a daunting task. I really hope people like my version of The Bare necessities,” said Vishal Dadlani.
Disney’s all-new live-action epic adventure will be truly unique for the local audience with Priyanka Chopra lening her voice to python Kaa, Irrfan tobear Baloo, Nana Patekar to the Bengal tiger Shere Khan, Shefali Shah to wolf Raksha and Om Puri to the black panther Bagheera.



Prithvi chala Dubai

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Decades ago in the late 40s and 50s when late Prithviraj Kapoor launched his own Repertory Theatre

Company, Prithvi Theatres, his motive was to tour all over India performing plays specially written for him. It was his dream to build his own theatre – a home for his company. In the 60’s a he realised his dream  and built a small theatre on a plot of land leased from the Bajaj family, but unfortunately this happened so late that his health never let him see his dream come alive. 

In 1975, his youngest son, Shashi Kapoor, purchased the same land close to his parents’ home in Juhu and resurrected his father’s dream and memory. Prithvi Theatre– owned and run by the Prithviraj Kapoor Memorial Trust & research Foundation opened on 5 November 1978 – with the aim of promoting and developing professional theatre and a discerning theatre audience.

38 years later it still thrives, and has become a national centre for theatre in India – with over 640 shows a year and average audience of 80% which is incredible. Inspired by Jennifer Kapoor, today it is Shashi Kapoor’s older son Kunal Kapoor who is the moving force at Prithvi. The motive is to promote and travel annual theatre festival to various cities in India, performing both inside auditoriums and outdoor platform and amphitheatres Soon Prithvi Theatre will be combining force with Raging Tiger in Dubai. Kunal Kapoor says, “Raging Tiger has approached us to host a Prithvi Festival in Dubai and showcase some of our plays for the Dubai audience. This is a great opportunity to expose a larger audience to our theatre grown out of Mumbai, India, – on an international platform and what is even more exciting is that Raging Tiger wants to make this into an annual event.

Beginning with April 27 to May 01 Raging Tiger will present a 5 day festival titled PRITHVI@DUBAI  comprising  a selection of exciting productions performed at Prithvi and an exhibition on Prithviraj Kapoor theatre life, Platform Performances by local artists and Stage Talk discussions with Theatre Groups performing in the Festival.


Code Mantra

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Gujrati theatre has been soaring in the last few years and the credit goes to extra-ordinary writers and directors on stage. Last week I saw a gripping play Code Mantraabout a court martial case of a young army officer Second in Command Ashwin Rathod. A commando of the Rajputana Rifles Rohit Rathod unable to cope up with the excruciating taining seeks an immediate transfer in exchange of sharing highly confidential information.


The same night commando Rohit Rathod is murdered in his barracks and his immediate superior 2.I.C. Ashwin is charged with his murder. What makes the case all the more intriguing is that Ashwin is the older brother of the deceased.
The play is pathbreaking in Gujrati theatre on many levels. It has modern art design and props are moved without curtain drop or fade out which is new experience for large capacity theatres like Bhaidas in Juhu.
This is perhaps the first time a subject on the Indian Army has been addressed on , not just that after a long time perhaps the audience is treated to a gripping court room drama involving Military law expert Shagun Oza/ Sneha Desai in a brilliant performance and her prosecutor colleague.
Code Mantra raises issues regading discipline in army life, corruption in legal system and nation pride.  The play belongs to Pratap Sachdev, writer/ music/ actor Sneha Desai and director of the show, the very versatile Rajesh Joshi.



Jungle Book must watch

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Saal 1967 mein Walt Disney Productions ki American animated film Jungle Book issi naam ki prakhyat kitaab par adharit thi.
Saal1993 mein issi kahani ka Japnese adaptation ko writer Gulzar ne Hindi mein anuvad kiya aur Doordarshan TV ne 52 episodes darshaye.
Tab se Chaddi pehankar phool khila hai Mowgli aur uske jungle ke saathi humare dost ban chuke hain.
Ab issi kahani ko naye andaaz aur shaandar scale mein pesh kar rahe hain fillmaker John Favreau.
Kahani sab ko maloom hain – ek chotta bachha jungle mein rehta aur ek din, apno ki talash mein jungle se bahar nikalta hain.
Jungle Book dekhne ki 4 zabardast wajah hain: 1.Film ke visual effects itne kamal ke hai hame lagta hai jaise har pal hum Mowgli ke saath hai.
Jab wo udaas hai toh hum udaas hote hain aur jab wo khush hai toh hum bhi utsahit ho jaate hain.
Jab baarish hoti hai toh hum bheeg jaate hain aur ussi dhoop chalti hai toh hum sookh jaate hain.
Iske alawa film ka bahtareen camera work, locations aur voice overs khas taur par Share Khan ki awaaz mein Nana Patekar aur Babloo ki awaaz mein Irfan Khan.
Mowgli ki bhumika mein chotta Neil Sethi film ke jaan hai
Jungle Book 2D/ 3D/ Hindi aur Angrezi mein release hui hai aur isse pure pariwar (bache, bade, buzurg) ko milkar dekhni chahiye.
Jungle Book ko Big Entertainment Ratings milte hain 4 stars.
Bhawana Somaaya @bhawanasomaaya