Pause at Amber (Day 1103)

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From the flow of words, it is evident that the writer has been through a special experience that has transformed her and led to the outpourings. The opening line of the title reads: When thoughts come unbidden…when emotions are replaced by insight…when you have the power over an all-knowing muse…then it could only be Whisperings From Beyond.

Over the next few days I will be reproducing random excerpts from the book to hook you on the thought and draw your own conclusions:

Life’s speed breakers are not necessarily hurdles, just the Light cautioning us to pause at amber before zooming off on green.

Once we admit to ourselves that we were in the wrong, we will find the courage to tell the same to the other person.

Insight lets us get a peep into Infinity. Develop insight. Cultivate insight. And find out what makes the world go round.

Intolerance is fear that they will make us Them and not let us be Us.

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Whisperings from Beyond (Day 1102)

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My friend and author Laksmi Narayan began her career as a journalist with Times of India and went on to become editor of Flair and Eves Weekly. She worked in Dubai and Singapore as a journalist before returning to India again. Her book Bonsai Kitten won her critical acclaim.

Narayan’s new book Whisperings from Beyond is not like any book you have read so far. She offers a succinct thought for each day of the year, calls it a detox exercise, says it as important to clear the cobwebs from our spirit and writes because the mental pilgrimage will help us get closer to the Source.

Narayan confesses that this collection of thoughts has been coming to her on a regular basis from November 2008 says all of us have from time to time been plagued with questions – Who am I? What am I doing here? Where do I go from here?  But do we find the answers, perhaps not until we are destined to.

(To be continued)


Day 5/ Charging Batteries (Day 1101)

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Knowledge is learning something new every day because in the end what matters is: How well did you love…? How freely did you live…? How deeply did you let go…?

Just in the way we charge batteries of our gadgets, we require charging our personal battery with Love and the next step after that is to activate Love with TEAM:

T as in our Thoughts…E as in our Emotions…A as in our Attitude…M as in our Memories…

There are five important lessons to be learnt and remembered:

Lesson 1: Love yourself because you are unique and so are people who come into your life. Always remember that life is a stage and everybody is here to play a role, so watch the actors without judging them.

Lesson 2: Life is a blessing so live it up to the fullest. Tap your potential to the optimum level and exploit all the hidden, unexpressed talents for better self-expression.

Lesson 3:  Whatever cannot be altered/ expressed/ restored should be deleted from the consciousness, just let go and you will feel calmer.

Lesson 4: There are three magical words to stay happy – Let go…Forgive…Detach… It is only when we are detached from our five senses that we take a right decision.

Lesson 5: Smile to solve the problem and resort to silence to avoid the problem – the choice is always between in either compromising or in understanding. The more you understand, the more people change… and the more you compromise, the more they rebel…

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Day 4/ Two emotions control life (Day 1100)

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Under any circumstances and any situation, we have to make an effort to stay in peace and when we attempt that, the situation will automatically alter by itself.

The biggest sin of human experience is to hurt someone, to cause someone anguish. One should not just be careful of never hurting another person but always make an effort to bring them joy and happiness.

There are just two emotions that control life and they are Love and Fear. We hurt because we fear, so we must rise above our fear and concentrate on Love.

Every morning, we must wake up and love self because only when you love thyself can you give love to others. Those who lack love cannot bring joy to people.

Most of the time, the conflict in our life is just 10 percent but in our anxiety, we add all the negative emotions to it and amplify it to 100 percent.

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Day 3/ 7 Qualities of Soul (Day 1099)

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What is Mind? The mind is thought, expression and imagination. What is Intellect? Intellect is the thought that evaluates deliberation, decision.

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the connection, the unbiased attitude often described as the inner voice of a person.

What is Sanskara? Sanskara are imprints of human action that influence and affect our lives.

There are seven innate qualities of a soul – knowledge, awareness, peace, purity, love, happiness, will power and bliss.

There are situations and there is a time to address these situations. There are times there is a break in value system, under such circumstances we have to take an initiative and address the cause of failure.

If there is conflict in ideas and attitudes, we have to rise above the crisis with the power of silence. If there is an issue of envy and competition, we have to recognise greed and conquer it with new awareness.

If we are coping with the tension-filled environment, we have to keep up with the good will. If there is insecurity emerging from success, we have to hold on to courage to alter it.

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Day 2/ Who’s a Yogi? (Day 1098)

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How does one become the owner of a healthy mind? How does one change one’s present mindset? Can only the yogis accomplish this? Who is a Yogi?

A Yogi is not one who sits in meditation for sure. Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word Yog and Yog means remembrance, communication, relationship, meeting.

Yog is the opposite of Viyog that is separation while Sahyog is what we do together, in companionship and Sanjog is coincidences.

There are three kinds of Yog: The first is Mental – where we remember people. The second is Physical which is related to Objects and Places and which connects like the wires of the universe. The third is Spiritual Yog where you think of yourself as a soul and connect to the Supreme Being.

Raj Yog is the king of all yogas that enables one to become a ruler of one’s senses that is the mind and the heart. Yog is a relationship and Raj Yog is an ultimate relationship. There are different kinds of Yoga: Sahaj Yoga, Buddhi Yoga, Karam Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Sanyas Yoga.

(Experts from Murli heard @awakeningwithbhramakumaris)