Bhansali celebrates jubilee – Day 2078

By 20 October, 2021Uncategorized

This is a special year for Sanjay Leela Bhansali who completes 25 years in cinema. Bhansali recalls that he was four- years-old when he visited a film shooting for the first time with his father. “My father had to meet some friends and seated me on a chair from where I could watch the shooting. He said he would come and collect me, so I sat there, watching people, camera, props move from one place to another and I was fascinated.

When father finished his work and came to fetch me, I did not want to go home. I wanted to be inside the studio forever, it was more exciting than going to school, being with my friends and cousins. It was only when I turned much older, did I understand that they were shooting a cabaret dance on that day. It was all so colourful, so enchanting that I was captivated in the world of the dancer and knew all the steps because it was so many times.”

To be continued