Anushka-Virat Kohli: Lessons of Life – Day 1950

By 4 February, 2021Uncategorized

Law No :6:  Marriage, work and baby: It was wonderful to see the two of them visiting the Prime Minister and soon both were back to their individual work. Time and again one got a glimpse of them in their home a new life and life and then came the pandemic in 2020. Just as all of us were hitting an all-time low, the star couple announced that they were expecting an addition in the family in 2021. Again, a right decision at the right time, life and career goes on but babies must come when they have to. The new parents have requested the media to not invade their privacy and the media respects their decision.

For a long time to come young celebrity couples will look up to Anushka and Virat as inspiration in how they handled their careers, love, family, controversies and detractors.


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