A filmmaker & an Actor (Day 1497)

By 26 December, 2018Uncategorized

Prakash Jha has given us many memorable movies as a filmmaker and even displayed his talent as an actor in Priyanka Chopra starrer Jai Gangaajal. Now Jha has taken over the screen as a protagonist for a short film titled, Justaju – The longing. The film addresses urban loneliness, a common problem in metropolis where everybody is busy and has no time for relationships.


Starring the beautiful Sarika star as the lead the film is written and directed by Mudassir Mashalkar. Says Jha ” I was quiet surprised when Mudassir approached me with this script, initially I thought maybe he wanted me to produce it but was surprised when he said he wanted me to play the hero. I was surprised because I have  nothing in common with the character Valmiki. Yes, I am intrigued by him, drawn to him and curious to delve deeper into the psyche of this lonely man.  I had questions about him and Mudasar had all the answers. He was very clear on the plot and how he wanted to shoot it which was a big help because the actor is reassured when the director is confident. The shooting experience was just as enjoyable and would love to explore more such interesting characters in the future as I love and enjoy acting.”


Link: https://youtu.be/SMcQr7cfWHI