Take 25 – Star Insights & Attitudes
Published by Sambhav Publishers
Released in the year 2002
Priced at Rs. 500/-

Also available in Marathi–
published by Mehta Publishing House in 2004
Website – www.mehtapublishinghouse.com
Priced at Rs. 400/-

An interview reflects as much about the interviewer as the interviewee. It tells about the influences working on the journalist at that time and also of the box-office status of the stars when they made those statements. Still, the final responsibility of the spoken word lies with the star.

The quotable quotes, even if temporarily forgotten, have a way of bouncing back into print, and always, when the star is at a vulnerable phase.

Attached with a fresh feedback on the old quotes from every star featured in the book along with their autograph, the book has a preface by leading star Rekha and an introduction by Lata Mangeshkar.

Compiling interviews with prominent stars in the last 25 years, Take 25 looks at the stars as human beings and offers rare insights into star attitudes.

The book was released at British Council, Mumbai, by Rekha and Rahul Khanna read the excerpts. Also at Contemporary Crafts, Juhu the book was released by Mannisha Koirala.

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