Salaam Bollywood
Published by Spantech & Lancer, UK
Released in the year 2000
Priced at Rs.350/-

Also Available in Gujrati–
Published by Navneet Publishers
Website –
Priced at Rs. 200/-

Insecurity is an overwhelming emotion in any creative profession. In the film industry, it is more so. Filmstars are peddlers of emotion and, therefore, there are more emotional wrecks in the film world than in any other place.

There is shame and scandal, exhibitionism and eccentricity, but there is also an energy, a fatal attraction about the world of cinema that is obsessive. Once you’ve been a part of it you feel incomplete without it.

Amitabh Bachchan voted by the BBC internet poll as the star of the millennium has written the Foreword to the book.

The book was released in London and at Music Cafe in Mumbai by Anil Kapoor. Mahesh Bhatt read excerpts from the book.

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