Hema Malini –The Authorized Biography
Published by Roli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Website – www.rolibooks.com
Released in the year 2007
Priced at Rs. 495/-

Also available in Marathi–
Published by Ameya Prakashan
Website – www.ameyaprakashan.com
Released in the year 2008
Priced at Rs 295/-

Hema Malini: The Authorized Biography by Roli Books traces the journey of a simple South Indian film star raised to the sound of Shlokas and Tatu Kazhi. Hema Malini was born to become a dancer and pursued it as a passion even while at the peak of her acting career.

The book captures her early grooming with various dance teachers, her foray into films, her reign as the box office queen, her marriage with Hindi Cinema’s leading star Dharmendra, her dance ballets and her experiences as a budding politician and member of the parliament.

With intimate insights into the icon from her late mother Jaya Chakravarti and two daughters Esha and Aahana Deol, the actress opens the floodgates of her life to discuss herself as a daughter, mother and most importantly, as an individual.

The book was released in Delhi by Lal Krishna Advani. Shatrughan Sinha made the key note address.

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