Workshop Invite (Day 1426)

By 20 August, 2018Uncategorized

When something is going to change for you the universe gives you signals. One afternoon as I opened my phone I found a message from motivation speaker Priya Kumar informing me about her much talked about workshop Igniting the Fire Within. I have heard about Priya and her super workshops from a common friend and have always been curious to experience the same.

Everybody knows that Priya Kumar is one of the finest Motivational Speakers in India and overseas with experience of over two decades and has been acknowledged with dozens of awards. Priya’s rather offbeat experiential methods are reflective of self-conquering and shedding inhibitions.

Kumar is not just a speaker but also the fastest writing author in the universe. She has to her credit 10 bestsellers and much more growing in her mind. My instinctive reaction to the message was to enroll in the workshop, however, the night before the big day I could not sleep a wink because I kept wondering if I had made a mistake and will I be able to live up to the expectations? What if I get bored? Just the thought of being cocooned inside a room with complete strangers for two long days was scary but it was too late to backtrack.