Who is the real Krishna? – Day 1911

By 26 November, 2020Uncategorized

The Artist: Krishna is the ultimate artiste who plays the flute and performs the maha-raas. Our heroes sing, dance, dive, ride, fly and play every instrument be it a flute/ guitar/ piano with ease. But while the deity is a nirmohi, the artist in our movies is forever doomed be it the writer of Pyaasa, sculptor of Geet Gaya Patharon Ne, painter of Safar or the poet in Kabhi Kabhie.

The Orator: Sri Krishna is the ultimate orator as we know from Bhagvad Gita and our film heroes deliver impressive dialogues/monologues on the screen, remember Dilip Kumar inspiring the crowd in Leader and Amitabh Bachchan delivering the passionate speech in Main Azaad Hoon?