Where’s The Party Tonight? (Day 1092)

By 12 May, 2017Event

It’s been a long, extended evening but despite the exhaustion, everybody is in a mood to celebrate. There is no official dinner from the host but everybody has a plan in order. I am with Abhimanyu and Roopali Singh of Contioloe Pictures winners of Best Animation Film/ Mahayoddha Ram. Abhimanyu has strung his suvarna kamal/gold medal around his mother’s neck and senior Singh is so proud of the honor that she refuses to remove it from her neck through the dinner. We drink, eat and celebrate chatting on various topics but keep returning to the award ceremony because everybody is so happy and overwhelmed.

12.5.17 bLater in the night we arrive at the hotel and discover that other awardees are celebrating their glory in different groups and join the party. The mood is ecstatic and the conversation about films, films, and more films.  The celebrations go on till late night and nobody cares that they have to take a flight early in the morning.

12.5.17 a

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