Want to live in the moment (Day 1423)

By 12 September, 2018Uncategorized

It was evident then that both were well versed with each other and it came out of spending a lot of time with each other, which happens in this profession and particularly at their age.

So who between the two of you is the director’s favourite?

Janhvi: Me because my hero bullies me and he feels I need to be protected.

Ishaan: That’s true, Janhvi is the director’s favorite but these days the equilibrium is changing.

 Who is the producer’s favourite?

Janvi: He likes both of us equally.

Ishaan : That’s true Karan sir is nice to everybody

How is the family taking the pre-release pressures?

Janhvi: Dad is stressed but not showing it, he has been a producer all his life so he is more preoccupied with the logistics of the film, he is anxious about me as well but we prefer not to talk about it. My sister Khushi knows what’s going on within me, so there is excitement all around.

Ishaan: My mother was nervous before Beyond the Clouds and emotional after the screening, it is the same now. Brother Shahid is my bro and my friend; he has been through the grind himself and tells me to stay grounded.

Are you prepared for comparisons with your bloodline?

Janhvi: It happened all the time and now that I am coming into films, they will compare me to her as an actor, I am prepared.

Ishaan : Shahid is my brother and  it is natural that we have a resemblance, but I cannot match his caliber so comparisons are unfair.