Walking on Fire (Day 1429)

By 22 August, 2018Uncategorized

and then we would go ahead with our outdoor exercise of Walking on the Fire. She wanted all of us to be a part of building the fire and we saw how the flames were ignited. When the flames were loud and fuming, she asked us to get ready and stand in a line to walk on the fire. I initiated the process, stood close to the starting point and calculated my steps. I decided that if I walked fast I would cross the path in four/ five steps and did just that and wonder of wonders I didn’t get burnt.

Many were excited by the process and did it again and again and some were visibly scared but did it all the same. That night I came home a brave heart. Who would have imagined that I would be able to walk on fire? The process had taken away my fear of fire and more important, my perception of fear. Next time I would not be scared of anything, or let me put it this way that next time I would not the imagination of fear come in the way of my adventure.

I had a good night sleep and next morning I was happy to return to the workshop.