Uneven – Day 1664

By 8 October, 2019Uncategorized

All art is about perception and an eclectic artist of Indian origin Aditya pursued his education in Fine Arts. His technical expertise manifests gaiety exuding from his canvases, transporting the viewer into his bold yet dynamic dream-like World.  Says Aditya, “I approach my canvas with a free mind …I descend on it with an open heart, captivated by my intuition and follow the brush where ever it takes me… My journey as an artist started with free and unfettered expressions. It was freedom born out of freedom…”

His lines and brushstrokes denote frantic energy and simmering passions. There are emotive distortions, an effort to achieve maximum effects with minimum lines. Some find him a revolutionary, some a desolate dreamer. His art has been showcased at several exhibitions, participated in several festivals.

He works with Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor and Mixed Media combining the conventional and the unconventional techniques to create his artwork often spilling over to music and sculpting. Aditiya is the great-grandson of the legendary Ashok Kumar and the son of actors, Anooradha Patel and Kanwaljit Singh.

Uneven is going to be inaugurated by Amitabh Bachcan and Javed Akhtar  and will be showing at the Jehangir Art Gllery from 16 October onwards.