Understanding Shiva (Day 1540)

By 4 March, 2019Uncategorized

Mythology and entertainment media have a close connection but while many films have been made on Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva has not been explored on the big screen. On the small screen, however, Lord Shiva has been a national obsession.  I caught some old episodes of Devon Ka Dev on television late night and was unable to switch the channel. The serial is rich in content and engaging in storytelling with extraordinary writing. The first episode concentrated on Mahadev’s biggest devotee Parshuram.

One day, before Mahadev went in for his meditation, he requested his sons Kartike and Ganesha to guard his gate so nobody disturbed him and so when Parshuram walked in unannounced, younger son Ganesha politely turned him down. Parshuram was offended at being denied to meet his lord and in a rage attacked Ganesha with his weapon that broke his tusk.

Sometime later when Mahadev emerged from his meditation, an angry Parvati urged her consort to punish Parshuram for attacking their son but Ganesha pacified his mother that he can protect himself but didn’t because defying Parshuram’s weapon blessed by Mahadev would be defying his own father and he wouldn’t want that. Parshuram was spellbound by little Ganesha’s wisdom and blessed him. He said, “What is done cannot be undone but this broken tusk in time to come will write the biggest epic”.

In another episode, I was riveted by the interrogation between father Mahadev and his firstborn Kartike but I’ll leave that story for tomorrow. Till then Happy Maha Shivratri to all.

To be continued