Tu Hai Mera Sunday – Day 943

By 25 October, 2016Films


In the maddening congestion of Mumbai five regular guys share a common goal: to play football at Juhu Beach every Sunday. While each one has their reason to look forward to the Sunday morning, there’s no doubt it’s a high point of their week.

One Sunday, as a result of the actions of a senile old stranger who joins their game, a ban is issued on playing games at Juhu Beach. The group now has to look for a new place to play in the crowded city of Mumbai. More than just football, the film is about each of their lives and how each one deals with their own physical and emotional space.

Produced by Varun Shah, the movie features ensemble, written and directed by ad filmmaker Milind Dhaimade who quit advertising at the height of his career to make films. In 2010, he along with his wife Rajul, started Love & Faith a film making and design company. So far he has directed over 100 TV commercials.




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