The Stage is set (Day 1226)

By 21 November, 2017Uncategorized

All roads lead to Mayors Hall in Andheri on the concert day and the guests arrive before time because those familiar with Madhuparna Academy know that the show will begin on time and it does.

Outside the gateman is more than helpful and guides the children and the parents to appropriate floors. Madhuparna Kumar (Madhu Maam) for her students has instructed the children to come fully dressed up to avoid confusion and waste of time in the auditorium.  Those participating in more than one dance have been given clear instructions about where they have to change and how they will be assisted by their family person.

As children run helter-skelter backstage, some looking for some help to tie their dupattas and some touch up their makeup, the teachers get ready to perform a brief puja and the comperes arrive on stage to welcome the guests. The opening item is by the teachers followed by a prayer dance Aangikam Bhuvanam Yasya requesting the lord to forgive in case of any mistake via step/ mudra/ expression performed by three seniors Mona, Madhu maam and me. The third is the vibrant number from film and the following a pure classical on Tatta Natta Aadavu by junior batch students.