The Men Who Knew Infinity – Day 898

By 7 September, 2016Uncategorized

Trained as an engineer and a computer scientist, Dilip D’Souza is a writer and journalist with a popular column on Mathematics. He has won several awards for his work, including The Daily Beast Award, the Statesman Rural Reporting Award, and the Outlook/ Picador Non-fiction Prize.

The Men Who Knew Infinity is a talk by Dilip D’Souza in second week of September at the Visitor’s Centre, CSMVS. The first event conceived around the exhibition Laxman Shreshtha: The Infinite Project, looks at individuals outside the world of art who, like Shreshtha have resisted finite boundaries “casting their nets as wide as infinity” to explore their metier. D’Souza turns to the world of Mathematics to tell the story of the The Men Who Knew Infinity. Interesting…


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