Tell me a story, story teller – Day 902

By 12 September, 2016Films

Vikram Bhatt

Stories are more than just entertainment – they are a reflection of the cultures they come from and impact and alter the very way societies operate. It is to showcase the power these new-age stories through a video-based format that Sony LIV, the complete digital entertainment platform with content for audiences across genres, has partnered with acclaimed storyteller and director Vikram Bhatt for its latest offering, Once Upon A Time with Vikram Bhatt that went live on September 8 is a 104-part web series where Vikram Bhatt will narrate some of his most popular self-written short stories on camera..

Vikram Bhatt who started his career with Bhatt brothers and is a successful writer/ producer/ director of many successful films including Ghulam, Raaz, 1920 is the man who introduced the concept of stereoscopic 3D in India in 2011 with Haunted – 3D, which also set the record for the highest grossing Hindi horror film of all time. He is as well known for horror movies like 1920: Evil Returns as for his critically-acclaimed Hate Story series.

Actually Vikram has dabbled with every subject under the sun be it detective fiction, social issues or interpersonal relationships. What makes the project path breaking is that Sony LIV will be releasing the stories every Monday and Thursday on both web and mobile platforms.




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