Take 4/5: Cinema Images & Issues (Day 1020)

By 30 January, 2017Books

Interestingly all my books were unplanned. The Story So Far was an initiative of the group I worked with at that time and Cinema Images & Issues (2004) are a collection of film essays – some explored as academic study, while some retained as stubborn memories that refuse to fade.  The concerns for the issues, I admit, came in much later after I had sufficient exposure and the confidence to disagree and debate on what I watched on screen and read on the subject. The manuscript was proof read and ready to publish and call it destiny that I met Mr Mehra of Rupa Publishers at Meghana Gulzar’sbook release on her father. He was looking for one more title to complete his year list and that title was mine. The book was on stands exactly a month after I mailed him a ready to process PDF and the rest is history.

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