Take 12: Talking Cinema (Day 1013)

By 18 January, 2017Books

 Talking Cinema (2013) my twelfth book features passionate conversations with actors and filmmakers on their craft. Have you ever wondered what actors think about just before a shot, have you wondered how they prepare for a crucial scene? Behind the greasepaint and glycerin, and into the heart of what gives the audience goose bumps, Talking Cinema goes behind the scenes with several of film fraternity’s best known stars and filmmakers to unravel what goes on in the mind of an artist. It has conversations with the actors about how they get acquainted with their characters and absorb them as part of their psyche. How they live with these characters and bid them farewell when the film is completed. The book is about the skill, effort and resources that go into the making of a scene stealer or a classic.? Have you ever wondered what the director feels when his set has to be demolished after the film is completed.

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