Tailoring Effects (Day 1390)

By 1 August, 2018Uncategorized

In the olden days when Om Puri played   weaver in Shyam Benegal’s Susman he spent days with a weaver family in Pochampali and mastered the art. Now Rajkummar Rao known to be a method actor and who plays a tailor in his upcoming film Stree is going out of his way to learn the sewing machine. He underwent a month long training where he was taught cutting and both stitching and sewing.

Says Rampal every job appears easy but is effective only with mastery be it acting or driving.  The coordination and reflexes have to be easy or they appear artificial. I could have used a body double but I didn’t want to so I bought myself a sewing machine and hired a tailor in Mumbai to teach me how to sew and made sure he was present on the sets in Chanderi. That’s not all Rajkumar hired another tutor to supervise his Chanderi dialect and spent time with the locals to polish his accent before going on the sets for his horror comedy directed by Amar Kaushik.