Stories about cinema- Day 1953

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In the eighties, Zarina Wahab-Mithun Chakraborty’s Sitara was a letdown script while Mahesh Bhatt directed Janam, story of a filmmaker and his illegitimate family clicked in a big way because of Salim Khan’s dramatic writing. Director Ram Gopal Varma has been obsessed with the celluloid forever and contributed a trilogy on the subject: Rangeela the making of a star, Mast, escaping stardom and finally Naach a love story of a struggling actor anda choreographer. The celluloid with all its complexities continued to be a muse for the next generation of filmmakers.

IfFarah Khan was inspired to use the film world as a back drop in Om Shanti Om, Zoya Akhtar delved on the junior artistes of the glamour world, Luck by Chance. Ranbir Kapoor-Anushka Sharma starrer Velvet unfolded the dark stories of the underbelly of cinema.  Our writers are our conscience forever mirroring society and which is why we had so many films on the 2020 lockdown during the pandemic. The writers are forever hungry for an engaging story and it does not matter whether the subject is film actor, politician, rape victim, stock broker, item dancer or a farmer as long as the audience is able to identify with the protagonist, don’t you agree?


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