Songs from Cinema (Day 1336)

By 24 April, 2018Uncategorized

The best part about the ballet are the songs and the dances,  at any given point girls in colorful costumes energetically move around on the three-layered recreating memories from old and new films. Accompanying them are boys in beige and off-white dhotis and kurtas at times doing acrobatics and at times doing maharaas.

17 april aThe choreography is well co-ordinated and the stream of dancers appear and disappear from the stage displaying all the nava rasas of natyashastra.

The beauty of the ballet is the simplicity, the backdrop comprises of ornate doors that lead to Krishna’s past and in the centre is the audiovisual of  the time and era of the story – at times  lush grass, at times swaying trees , at times the angry Yamuna and at times the  images of the resources for  research material.

Like all ballets, there is a sutradhaar but more about him later…

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