Soaking in Ambience (Day 1281)

By 24 February, 2018Uncategorized

Nostalgia is a heady emotion and a Deja Vu trip cannot be planned, it just happens. Circumstances lead you to it and you go with the flow.  The family is in a mellow mood and we have jointly agreed to do everything that we have done earlier. Visit the same places, eat the same food and walk the same streets. It is a cold day but it is refreshing to be out of the house. Sometimes to resolve conflict it’s important to get away from the premise.

4.c. market 3We do that, we stroll on the streets aimlessly as if completing all that was left incomplete and in the process find tentative solace.  Sometimes, just being amidst crowds, amidst strangers, just watching them go about their lives is therapeutic. We have walked long miles and are exhausted.  It is still freezing and from the skyline, it appears as if there will be snow.