Sneha Sarita – Day 1571

Sneha Sarita is a ballet telling the story of a princess and a forest girl. The princess is hunting and kills a bird. The forest girl is wounded and takes it upon her to transform the princess. She introduces the princess to all the animals and the birds as her friends and now the princess does not want to return to the palace.

Ably choreographed by Dr Malati Agneswaran and performed by her talented students Ramya Natrajan and Madhuparna Kumar, the ballet is about saving the forst and other planets.

Presenting Ramya Natrajan as the princess and Madhuparna Kumar as the forest girl…

The following item is about the original forest man, Lord Shiva who resides in the Himalayas. A group performance of Shiva Padam titled Bho Shambho.