Shaping Of Seed Day 1691

By 20 November, 2019Uncategorized

It is researched that millions of new mind-cells develop every moment inside the womb of a mother and if they are not immediately directed to the outer world, these cells become dormant. Therefore, it is imperative that pregnant women are enlightened on the subject of Shaping of Seed- The Ancient Wisdom of Garbh-Sanskar so that they make optimum use of the information and nurture their unborn.

It is a misconception that the child begins to learn after he/she is born. The child begins absorbing learning from his/her surroundings as a foetus. Everything that happens to the mother during the nine months of pregnancy directly or indirectly affects the baby’s mental, intellectual and spiritual growth.

And if this is true, do we as parents invest adequate time and effort into the growth and shaping of our child? Do we pause and ponder if we have the requisite qualities to assume responsibility of bringing a new life into the universe? Most new parents aspire for a healthy, normal baby but before that they must aspire to become aware and conscious parents.

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