Sepia Stories Part 4 – Day 1836

By 25 June, 2020Uncategorized

I became film journalist while I was still in college and at that time it seemed like a fleeting hobby. My parents emphasized on academics and as long as the creative writing did not interfere with my post-graduation, they were progressive enough to let me chase my dreams. It wasn’t as if I was dying to become a writer/ journalist, there were no role models and no ambitions of a career at all but opportunities galloped my way and I followed my instinct.
Months multiplied into years and to my surprise and my parents’ bewilderment the love-affair with cinema continued. There were disillusionments too and when the dismay became overbearing, I fantasized giving it all up, took a break, explored options but there was no escaping writing and inadvertently films.
Every new decade and generation sprung new challenges and I was forced to redefine myself. From hard core reporting on the sets to launching a new style magazine, from writing columns and reviews to penning books, my world, like cinema was changing frequently.
One of the many reasons I continue to write books on cinema and show business is to present that other side, the better side of stardom. The side I have acquainted and grown to love. The experiences have been an integral part of my growing up, the intimate interactions have nourished me, enriched me. I have resolved many crises of my life watching them, learned many lessons witnessing their suffering.
To be continued

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