Sepia Stories Part 30 – Day 1860

By 30 July, 2020Uncategorized

Looking back, none of my books have been an easy journey. There were hurdles in the process of writing or in the process of pitching or in the process of releasing them but finally the obstacles were overcome. I was visiting my sister in Ahmedabad when two young boys came to meet me with an idea. They had done extensive research on garbh sanskar and wanted me to do a book for them.

My first thought was but I have no experience of motherhood so how can I write a book on the subject but they were convinced I was the right candidate and so got down to doing the job. I followed their conviction and, in the process, began enjoying the journey.

Creation of human life is a magical experience. While our ancestors described it as a blessing from the Almighty, our Vedas and Upanishads dictate that everything that happens in the universe is predetermined from the moment the foetus takes root in the uterus.

It is a misconception that the child begins to learn after he/she is born. The child begins absorbing learning from his/her surroundings as a foetus. Everything that happens to the mother during the nine months of pregnancy directly or indirectly affects the baby’s mental, intellectual and spiritual growth.

It is researched that millions of new mind-cells develop every moment inside the womb of a mother and if they are not immediately directed to the outer world, these cells become dormant. Therefore, it is imperative that pregnant women are enlightened on the subject of Shaping of Seed – Ancient Wisdom of Garbh Sanskar so that they make optimum use of the information and nurture their unborn.

The credit for the green and mauve book cover goes to Publisher Deepika of Aslan Reads.

So, what story am I telling you next week? Aah, is not going to be a book story because for that you will have to wait till October.

It is not going to be Sepia Stories and maybe not in this space either, nevertheless the blog continues and those keen to follow can log onto blog