Sepia Stories Part 28 – Day 1858

By 28 July, 2020Uncategorized

My second book on Lord Krishna and to not confuse it with the first I called it Keshava.  It was conceived as a book on Tulsi originally but the word count was insufficient for a book and I began thinking how do I add more chapters when I came up with the new idea of the book.

There’s something about Lord Krishna that makes everyone who comes into contact with him – consciously or subconsciously- become consumed by him. He becomes the centre of their existence and that is Sri Krishna’s magic and also his power on not just humans but on everything that breathes on the planet.

Everyone who comes into contact with him believes that Lord Krishna loves them the most and probably he does.

Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession is the story of these special bindings, it is a journey into the mind and the heart of Lord Keshava and his relationship with the eight breathing wonders of nature – the Peacock, the Flute, the Kadamba tree, the Lotus flower, the Tulsi plant, the Kamadhenu cow, the Conch and the Peepal tree.

Why and how they came to be associated with him and why we continue to worship all of them over the centuries. Stories of passion, stories of submission, stories of devotion and of uncontainable desire. Published by Fingerprint the book cover and the inside illustrations continue to bring me joy after all these years