Sepia Stories Part 19 – Day 1851

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Hema Malini The Authorized Biography was released in Delhi at the hands of LK Advani and the Marathi translation of the book was released at the bungalow of late Chief Minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh.

Hema Malini said that to agree to a biography reflects a state of mind, it means you are ready to reflect on your past actions. She said that a part of her was ready for the exercise because it meant she was ready to accept her inadequacies. She discussed it with her daughters and both Esha and Aahana gave her a thumbs up but there was one more approval to seek, the most important in her life, her mother. As always Jaya Chakravarthi was more than encouraging. She told Hema that she should have done the book long ago and she must not fear anyone and anything because it is her life and she has to live it her way. And that is what Hema Malini did, she spoke her way, the way Amma would have approved of.
To be continued

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