Saregama paves the way

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Starting with Brij Mohan Amar Rahe about a man sentenced to death for his own murder! Brijmohan fakes his own death to escape his humdrum life and nagging wife. He gets the money and the girl until the inevitable hand of Karma gets him sentenced to death for his own murder. Inspired by a true story the film is directed by Nikhil Bhatt, an Ad film maker who has also been the creative producer on the film Mickey Virus.

Yoodlee Films will release one film every month in theatres with PVR Pictures being their distribution partner. Initially, the footprint for theatrical releases will be in bigger towns and subsequently on digital platforms followed by TV channels.

09..08.2017The Studio is ready with five films for release, three more in production and another three in different stages of scripting and all in different languages. Of the five ready for release, three are in Hindi, one in English and one bilingual – Tamil and Malayalam.

Coming soon…Kuch Bheega Alfaaz

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